Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Pieces of Hope + ACL Festival

This year I am so excited to team up with local apparel company, Lymbo Clothing, for Austin City Limits Festival. Lymbo will have a booth right outside of Barton Springs Saloon, off Lamar & Barton Springs Road. They will be selling their legendary t-shirts, snap-backs and the infamous LPOH Wild & Free Necklaces! This is the perfect opportunity (and location) to snag yourself some festival gear, or even a souvenir to remember this year's festival. 

Booth will be open from 10 a.m. to the end of festival on both weekends (Oct. 3-5 & Oct. 10-12) 


Want to show off your new necklace? Make sure to snap a quick picture and share on Instagram. Don't forget to tag us @littlepiecesofhope // #LPOHatACL

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

road trip

After a very long, and enjoyable Summer in Colorado I finally packed up my Jeep and headed back home to Tejas. Thankfully my kind sister volunteered to fly up to Denver, only to get back in a car for another 16 hours or so. I know, best sister award. 

The day we left Colorado, it was snowing! Quite rare for Colorado this time of year, but I picked up my sister from Denver airport only to find her in jeans a t-shirt and flip flops. I couldn't help but laugh. 

Since my sister was along for the ride, we agreed we would make a few pit stops along the way. The first stop, which was actually the creepiest stop was at the Ludlow Massacre Site. Not only was the site completely empty, but there was such intense fog you couldn't see half a mile in front of you. We both thought a Zombie was going to pop out at any second and that would be the end of us. Luckily, we made it out alive, and headed to my favorite rest stop in Trinidad. The past 3 or 4 times I've made this road trip, I make a mandatory food stop at Bella Luna Pizzeria in Trindad, Colorado. Such a cute historic town, with a damn good Pizza parlor. 

Once we made it to New Mexico, we made another pit-stop at Capulin Volcano. Unfortunately it was such bad weather, and fog we couldn't make the drive up to the Volcano. I guess we will have to save that for next time! 

After a goodnight's sleep in Amarillo, Texas we started the second day of the road trip at Palo Duro Canyon. I honestly, can't say enough about this stop because it was by far our favorite adventure. Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest Canyon in the U.S, behind the Grand Canyon of course. 

Not only is the sight unbelievable, but the history behind the Canyon is so interesting and captivating. I couldn't believe something like this was in Texas! 

Since we were on somewhat of a tight schedule we couldn't explore what all the Canyon had to offer, but we have quite the agenda planned for the next adventure up there. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Denver Botanic Gardens

This past Sunday was quite a day full of adventure. We (my boyfriend, his sister and myself) started the morning off with breakfast in Fort Collins, and road tripped it down to Denver to see the Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Dale Chihuly, born in Tacoma,Washington, is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement. It is said that he has elevated the perception of the glass medium from realm of craft to fine art. And let me tell you, I was absolutely blown away by his artwork...get what I did there ;)  I know I'm a sucker for terrible puns. 

I have been to the Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle, but Denver was a completely different experience. The mixed mediums of nature, and glass was absolutely breathtaking. The Denver Botanic Gardens was the perfect place for this exhibition. My favorite parts to explore were the Internationally Inspired Gardens. I loved seeing the Scripture Gardens and the Japanese Tea House.

Even though it's safe to say we walked probably 2-3 miles around the Gardens, we all left feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. There's just something about being among nature that is so soothing to me.

If that wasn't enough, we finished the day off at the Great Divide Brewery. It was a day full of nature, art, booze and meatball sandwiches...what more could you ask for? 


When was the last time you did something for the first time?