Monday, February 4, 2019

Moon Cycle Meditation Challenge

Ladies & Gentleman, it's been a minute since my last post, but I'm back in action with some wonderful content... or at least I think it's wonderful.

As some of you may know, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in November of 2018 and it opened up an entirely new world to me. A world of connection, of spirituality and community. Through this community, I have had the pleasure of working with Kris Jones of @FindYourHealing.

Kris put together an AWESOME Moon Meditation Challenge, and asked if Little Pieces of Hope wanted to be a part of it. Funny enough, I have just started re-connecting with meditation as my body has been craving the feeling of grounding and slowing down. So as you can imagine, when Kris told me about this challenge I immediately hopped on board as I think it was the Universe nudging me to continue on with my new morning routine of focusing on my breath and grounding down.

Meditation has SO many unbelievable benefits. It brings me clarity. It brings me connection. It brings me peace. The list can seriously go on, and on. However if you're meditation curious and more interested with the scientific/biological benefits of meditation, check out this post of mine from a few years back.

Alrighty, so here is more information regarding this Moon Cycle Meditation Challenge.

For a full moon cycle (28 days) we are hosting a meditation challenge, beginning February 4th, and ending March 5th. 

Most people we know struggle keeping up a consistent meditation practice, when it's in truly our lifeblood. So this is our space to keep each other accountable with a chance to win some prizes at the end of this challenge from ethical, uplifting brands & healers. 




1. Like & Repost this post (it can be in your social media story or feed)

2. Sit in meditation connecting with, and honoring the current phase of the moon every day of this upcoming moon cycle

3. Write a Post of any size, of your daily experiences and tag all hosts + sponsors

5. Must use hashtags #MoonCycleMeditation, #MoonCycleMeditationChallenge

6. Follow all of the guidelines above & you will be entered to win

-A Mala from Malas with a Mission
-A Palo Santo Bundle & Crystal Infused Essential Oil blend from Little Pieces of Hope
- 30 Minute Reading using the Moon Deck with Kris from Find Your Healing

   Photo found on Pinterest          
If social media isn't really your thing, I still invite you to follow along with our challenge. You won't be eligible for the prizes, however I would love to see how you meditate, or connect on a daily basis. You can send me a DM privately or just post a quick snapshot on your story. Either way, we all would love for you to join, and raise the Universal Vibration 

Last thing, if you have no idea behind the symbolism of each moon phase...which let's be real, I don't really either, here is a quick "cheat sheet" I found here, to explain some of the affirmations that are linked with the different phases of La Luna.