Thursday, February 6, 2014

<< u p d a t e s >>

A lot has been going on with Little Pieces of Hope these past few weeks and I thought I would write a little post to keep you all informed. 

Firstly, Little Pieces of Hope will be at HOPE Farmers Market this Sunday from 11am-3pm. The Market's address is 412 Comal St, Austin, TX 78702. There will be tons of local vendors, and delicious produce for you to stock up on. So even if you aren't in the market for jewelry, definitely stop by to say hello and check out what all the Market has to offer. 

Secondly, for the month of January Little Pieces of Hope has been sending proceeds to Eco Rise Youth Innovations. If you didn't see my recent post regarding this organization, take a peek here. Since things went so well in January, I figured why not keep fundraising for them throughout February! 

Lastly, I want to hear from y'all what the next charity Little Pieces of Hope should support. I have one in mind and I would love to hear your thoughts. When I went to school in Colorado there was a terrible wildfire really close to our town. When I was watching the news one day I saw a Wolf Sanctuary located in La Porte, Colorado. Due to the High Park fire the wolves were being displaced, and needed help finding  temporary homes. After the fire was resolved, the company then needed help to repair the destruction the fire caused. I immediately got on their website and donated a few bucks right then and there. Since then, I have been an absolute sucker for keeping up with Wolf Sanctuary. If you have some free time, look at their Facebook page. It's full of pictures, videos and updates regarding their beautiful Wolves. If Little Pieces of Hope does decide to jump on board with Wolf Sanctuary the money would be going to repair, and build a better environment for the wolves to live and play in. So cool, right?! So let me know what y'all think, or if you have any other charities in mind.