Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday: A global day dedicated to giving back. Today charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. 

Yesterday I was tagged by @ashleyakeila on Instagram to share a cause I strongly believe in. Of course there are many causes and companies I hold dear to my heart, as I have partnered up with a variety of non-profit organizations. However, there is one company I have yet to team up with that I wanted to share. 

In my family we have always had an abundance of animals...mainly cats and dogs. At one point, we actually had FIVE dogs living in our house (I promise we aren't animal hoarders) My family and I have been raised to love animals of all kinds. Thanks to my sister, who is also my roomie, I have turned into that crazy hippie lady who catches all the rogue moths in the house with a cup and paper to let it free outside, rather than killing it. I know, it's crazy... Sometimes I can't even believe I'm doing it.

The company I want to share today also believes in saving animals. Austin Pets Alive! is a local animal shelter here in Austin that uses innovative and comprehensive programs to help save Austin's adoptable dogs and cats. Founder, Dr. Ellen Jefferson's, main goal is to see the end of killing of homeless pets in Austin, Central Texas, and the entire country. 

In 2008, APA! embarked on a bold and aggressive initiative to make Austin a no-kill city as fast as possible. Before 2008, the city of Austin was euthanizing over 50% of the animals that came through the shelter each year. By February 2011, Austin was able to reach the  nationally accepted standard for a no-kill community of 90%. Thanks to APA! Austin has earned the title of the "Largest No-Kill City in America". Just this year, they were able to celebrate 3 years as a no-kill city! Truly unbelievable.

 I wanted to take a quick second to show you some of the pups available for either adoption, or sponsorship.

This here is Mustang Sally. Super smart, super athletic, and super cute. Unfortunately, Mustang Sally was a victim of serious neglect early in life. At first, she had a hard time meeting strangers as she didn't quite trust them. Lucky for us, she has come a long way and now loves to meet new people. 

This is Sunday. She is a fun-loving and wiggly pup. She is a little nervous at the shelter, like a lot of her friends are, but once she gets to a quieter area she is full of life! She loves playing with balls, chew toys, other dogs or even rocks ;) 

This pup's name is Tortilla...so adorable, right!? He is full of affection, playfulness and good manners. He loves to be loved, and he wiggles all around when he greets you. He loves going on a good walk, or even just lounging right next to you. 

Interested in learning more? Please head on over to Austin Pets Alive! Website.