Thursday, August 28, 2014

how to layer

As I stated in yesterday's post, I am a BIG fan of wearing basic, and simple clothes. For years, I kept spending money on "fashion items" only to give them away weeks later when the trend was already out of style. After realizing how much money I was wasting on these so-called fashion items I decided to revamp my entire wardrobe and go back to the basics. Aka, I'm a basic bitch. To me there is just nothing better than keeping an outfit simple, and topping it off with a handful of accessories. Hats, purses, booties, name it. 

With the Running Wild collection, I made sure to keep all you other basic bitches in mind. This is the first collection, where I thought about layering pieces together rather than wearing them all separately. Currently, the Gemma and Andi Necklace are my go-to layered items.

The Gemma Necklace is one of my all-time favorites this season. I love how easily customizable it is to anyone's personality and style. This necklace is also great to layer with the Tatum Necklace, or even another Gemma Necklace! 


What are you favorite pieces to layer from Little Pieces of Hope?


Hat // Brixton - Messer Hat
Shorts // Tula - Fort Collins
Jewelry // Andi Necklace & Gemma Necklace 
(Sandalwood & Black tassel)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I absolutely love when people send me pictures of their new Little Pieces of Hope jewelry! 

 Recently Seattle babe, Arisara, sent over some snapshots of her new pieces from the Running Wild Collection!

To me, there is just nothing better than keeping the outfit simple while layering on those accessories. Whether it be topping off an outfit with a fall hat, layers upon jewelry, or the new "it" booties, it's all about the accessories, and Arisara nailed it! 

picture 1 // Noel Necklace
picture 2 // Tatum Necklace

For more of Arisara's style shots head on over to her instagram, and blog


Have pictures of you in your Little Pieces of Hope gear? Send them this way! I'd love to see ;) 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

running wild //

<> For the girls who live simply <>

For the ones who enjoy the sight of sunrises over the mountains, the taste of berries, the sound of laughter, and the company of her friends. For the women who embrace messy hair, and the feeling of being fully alive. This collection is for the ones who live simply. The lovers, the dreamers and the wild ones at heart. 

* this video is a compilation of inspiration pictures pulled from Pinterest, as well as LPOH Etsy pictures  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tomorrow is the big day! The Running Wild Collection is finally ready to be seen :) 


15% of our proceeds are still benefiting Wolf Sanctuary throughout August, and then when September hits we are back to teaming up with Charity: Water! Stay tuned for more details later in the month. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

running wild // inspo

The LPOH Fall 2014 Collection, Running Wild, is days away from the final debut! With each lookbook I like to show what inspired me for the collection. 

This Summer I have had the opportunity to return back to Colorado, more specifically Fort Collins, and make this Summer an adventure to remember. I have traveled throughout the mountains as well as the front range, and soon I'll be packing up my Jeep and heading back home to Austin. While here in Colorado I have met some beautiful new spirits, while also being able to reconnect with some old ones. As always, these people have led me to enjoy the simpler things in live. Whether it be fresh fruit, good beer, the beauty of nature, or even the sound of laughter. 

This collection is for all the girls who live simply. 
The lovers, the dreamers, and the wild ones at heart.