Friday, October 13, 2017

Natural Deodorant

Finding a Natural Deodorant used to be a never ending struggle for me. I constantly would ask my friends, what type of deodorant are you using? In hopes that I could find one to end my stinky ways.

Unfortunately I have come to find out through this natural deodorant journey that I stink like no other. My sister will vouch for this. One time I let her smell my underarm, and she said it was the worst smell and experience she has ever had in her entire life. She continued to say she wouldn't wish that smell upon her worst enemies...Sister's am I right? Anyways, the deodorants my friend's were using never seemed to work on me...until I found Schmidt's All Natural.

Now one thing you should know is, when switching to a natural deodorant there may be a brief time period where you smell a little more than you normally would. That's because for years, you have been using antiperspirants that don't allow your body to sweat, which is a healthy and natural process. So once you start using deodorant without the antiperspirant (aka chemicals -cough cough ALUMINUM) your body may go through a slight detox to rid it of unwanted toxins. But to be honest, I never came across this transition. So don't let the idea of a detox scare you because it's totally worth it in the end! If it does happen to you, you can use witch hazel to help cleanse the pores morning and night. OR you can simply reapply deodorant throughout the day. 

So let me introduce you to my favorite natural deodorant that I have come across thus far (thanks to my friend Lauryn)...may I present SCHMIDT's All Natural.

It's a company based out of Portland, Oregon that always puts their customers and ingredients first. In 2017, their mission was to "Change the way people think about deodorant" And I have to admit, they 100% changed the way I think about it. 

Not only does Schmidt's come in a variety of scents but they also offer a Sensitive Skin Formula, as well as a Jar Formula for people who prefer that type of application. Either way it's a win, win as their jars and sticks are 100% recyclable, and a little goes a long way when it comes to application. 

So if you have been thinking of making the switch to a natural deodorant, I highly suggest this one. It's available online or at Whole Foods, Target and even Wheatsville Co-op.


Just to clarify this is a not a sponsored, or paid post. It's simply a brand that I wanted to share, since I have been receiving a lot of questions about my green beauty products on the new Clean Living with Little Pieces of Hope instagram. I hope this is able to help a few people out, and allow you to make the switch to a green and clean beauty routine.